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The Little Red Hen

In November 2005 Mrs. Long's 2nd grade class put on a play entitled "The Little Red Hen". The whole class stared in the show. The play was performed in front of an appreciative crowd that included not only all the students and faculty, but many parents as well. Congratulations on a job very well done!!
Halloween 2005 has come and gone. One of the highlights of Halloween is the Book Character day at the school. Both Chelsea's 2nd grade class and David's kindergarten class were involved in the party. Thanks go out to Mrs. Long and Mr. Wilke, along with all who volunteered.

Chelsea as Spiderella on Book Character Day

Chelsea and David both started school on September 8, 2005. David just entered kindergarten and Chelsea is now in second grade! David is now attending the same school as Chelsea which excites them both very much. We now have 6 hours a day without the children! What to do with ourselves? Here they are on day one.
Pre-school is almost over for the 4's. After this it's off to the big school. We'd all like to thank Judy and Kylene for their wonderful teaching skills, their humor and their patience. All of the kids will be much better prepared for elementary school and beyond thanks to them and everyone who participated in the co-op. Recently the kids celebrated the end of the year with a beach trip to Alki. A great time was had by all as you'll see here. Woodland Park Zoo Field Trip, Oct 2004

Chelsea as Spiderella on Book Character Day

Friday, October 29th was Book Character Day at the school. This is a fun (and politically correct) way to celebrate Halloween. Ms Long's 1st / 2nd grade class had a little party and we were all invited. The party was a great success. I apologize if I didn't get pictures of all the kids (I don't know most of them yet).
Some of the kids from the school's 1st grade  and 2nd grade class went on a field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo on October 1, 2004.  The kids all had a ball! Thanks to Ms. Long and Mr. Femiano. Also many thanks to the chaperones. Woodland Park Zoo Field Trip, Oct 2004
Chelsea with her proud  teacher Mr. Stewart On June 16th, 2003  Chelsea graduated from kindergarten.  Here she is with her teacher, Ms. Stewart. Chelsea will really miss Ms. Stewart with whom she developed a sincere bond. Thank you  Ms. Stewart. Thanks also to Mr. Wilke for all that he did for the kids! See the graduation pictures here.
In September of 2003, Chelsea became a kindergartner. She was so excited to start real school! Check out her first day of school here. Chelsea on her 1st day of kindergarten

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