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The Log Cabin - Misery Bay, MichiganIn August of 2007 we spent 25 days cruising across the Northern United States in the Motor home. our final destination was the log cabin in Misery Bay, Michigan by way of Uncle Rodger's farm Along the way we visited many sights including Yellowstone National Park, Mt Rushmore, Custer's Last Stand, and the Crazy Horse Monument. Aside from having an incredible time, we also learned a lot about our country and about each other.

"Vision of the Seas"In June '07 Jan surprised us all (including Rodney and Kaelinn) with an  Alaskan Cruise. We sailed for seven days aboard Norwegian Cruises "Vision of the Seas". We cruised the inside passage and stopped at both Alaskan and Canadian ports including Juneau, Skagway and Prince Rupert. We visited  a Glacier,  gorged ourselves at a Salmon Bake, took a train ride and ate our hearts out aboard ship. The kids even got to go dog sledding on a mountain glacier with grandma. See the sites here.

The Late Pat Hagenmans WorkThe Northwest Inter-Club Ice Skating Championships were held on August 4th, 5th and 6th at the Kent Valley Ice Centre. Chelsea grabbed 1st place in her division for the technical program on Saturday. If that weren't enough, she garnered another 1st place for her artistic program on Sunday. Thanks to her hard working coach Natalie Thompson, whom Chelsea loves to pieces. Congratulations Chelsea. We are SO Proud of you!!! See some action shots here.

In Early November 2005 we took the kids down see their Grammy and Grandpa We all met half way in Lincoln City Beach, Oregon. As an added bonus, Cousin Nicky was there as well. We had a short but great visit. The really big news is that Dad and Mom handed us the keys to their Motorhome.  We can not possibly thank them enough. The kids have been in it every day since. We can't wait to take it on it's maiden voyage. Thank you sooo much!! xxxooo

Ice SkatingChelsea and Grandma Jann reserve Tuesday evenings for ice skating lessons. Chelsea really seams to have a real talent for it. She loves the time they spend together!
ALS Bike Ride
On the last weekend of July 2005 Teresa, Angie, and Courtney went on an 85 mile bike ride to benefit the Evergreen Chapter of the ALS foundation. The event was entitled "Nothing Less Cure ALS". It was a great time with good friends and the scenery was just beautiful. It was also a very challenging two days. A big thanks to all who supported us on this ride!! See the three of them here.
In July 2005 we took a trip to the Crescent City area to spend some time with Mom, Dad, Susie, Nicky, Aunt Carol and Uncle Ken. We swam in the Smith River, stayed in dad and mom's beautiful new home overlooking the ocean, and picnicked on the beach. On the way we stopped at Dennis and Sue Snook's place where we found Aunt Pat Wagenman as well. They've got a great little place on a few good acres just outside of Junction City, Oregon. See all the action here.
Chelsea and David played their very first baseball games in Spring of 2005. Judging by their form, I think either one of them could possibly support us in our later years :) See Chelsea's game here and David's here.
David's 5th Birthday On April 24th, 2005 we celebrated David's 5th Birthday at he Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Wa. At the same time we also celebrated David's Grandma Jan's 60th!! We had cake and played miniature golf, raced cars, played games. When finished the day with a wonderful dinner at Anthony's. See all the action here.
Evie, Debbie and I at the Salty's BashIn March 2005 Noi Sartnurak and his lovely wife Linda through a little bash for as many ex Salty's employees (Saltines as we lovingly refer to ourselves) as could be mustered up. Thanks for hosting you two! A wonderful idea as it was great to see everyone once again! Just a very few pictures before I had to run. Please send some my way if you have them. I will be very happy to post for all to see. Hope to see you all again soon!!!
Zach and Tom at USG Christmas Party 2005The Union Square Grill Christmas Party for 2004 was held at Jillian's Billiards this year. By all accounts, it was a very good turn out. Thanks to Tom, Zach, and Kathy for putting it on for us. View the pictures here.
Lincoln Park, January 31, 2005
On January 31st 2005, in the middle of winter, the sun came out and warmed up the town. The temperature must have been in the sixties. So the kids and I went down to Lincoln Park where it seemed even warmer.
7th birthday slumber party (Riley, Allison, Taylor and Chelsea)On January 16th, 2005 Chelsea celebrated her 7th birthday by having a slumber party with three of her closest friends. The next day she went ice skating with the family. She says she wants to do it just like this next year as well.
The kids have been taking swimming lessons since they were knee high to a grasshopper. Here are some pictures of a typical day down at the pool.


1st Day of SoccerIn the fall of 2004 the kids participated in their first day of organized soccer.  By the looks of these pictures, we think they're definitely cut out for this sport. Chelsea will be in the six year old division; David, in the fours. Their games will be held on Saturdays after swimming.
Swimming with the dolphins
In late June 2004 we all took a  trip to Disneyland, LegoLand and SeaWorld with Jan and Kaelinn.  Everyone had a wonderful time. The kids were in heaven. We can't thank Jan enough for all she did for us. What a great trip! See all the pics here.
On June 17th, 2004 Tim graduated from college with 2 degrees in both Network Administration and Computer Hardware. One day earlier Chelsea graduated from kindergarten.  Mom, Dad and Jan all attended the Ceremony. I can't thank them enough for all being there! See the ceremonies here.
At Seattle Center with friend Daniel.
In celebration of another quarter of school gone by, we had a family fun day down at the Seattle Center 2004. We do do this probably a half a dozen times a year or more. The kids always act like its their first visit. Check out the fun. We also attended one of Daniel's baseball games recently. Here is that baseball stud in action.
ThomasIn April of 2004 we adopted our first family dog. Teresa and the kids have wanted one for over a year now. He is a 1 1/2 year old Black Lab with a great temperament. He loves the kids. His name is Thomas (after Thomas the tank engine). The kids are so excited. Here are some pictures of Thomas.
Down at Alki Beach Sites of summer 2003! We had a busy summer in 2003 with regular trips to Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, the Zoo, Northwest Trek, lots of birthday parties and special events, and of course many trips to the local beach. And the weather was perfect all along. Teresa and the kids were in the West Seattle Parade and Chelsea took off her training wheels this summer as well! 
A fishing we will go.Vacation 2003 pictures are up!  There are five sets of pictures.  Crescent City visit, Nicky's birthday party, Trees of Mystery, Lincoln City Beach, and finally Landscapes. Thanks again Dad for the use of the Vacation Home! It was perfect!!
In other news:
  • Chelsea's Ballet Recital was held  on Saturday June 21, 2003.  If you couldn't be there, we sure missed you!  Some pics here.

  • Ken Wilkings passed away on January 17, 2004. He was a very good man and will be sorely missed. He embodied everything there was about hard work and dedication. He was a self made man who never backed down from a challenge. Our heart felt condolences go out to his wife Ronna; his children, Cheryl, Troy, and David; and his sister (my mother) Carol. He is flying freely now and will be the wind beneath our wings. (Dec 12, 1935 - Jan 17, 2004)

  • Jill left USG after nine great years to complete her internship in Connecticut.  She is a great friend and will be sorely missed. Jill's going away bash at Zig Zag's.

  • Will's 44th Birthday Bash was held at his home/arboretum.  Thanks to both Rich and Will for throwing another great party.  Pictures here.

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