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Tim in Crescent City, Teresa at Disneland, David at LegoLand, Chelsea swimming with Dolphins at Sea World

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Teresa & Tim

We haven't talked to you in a while. We've all been very busy this year. We had two huge summer trips in 2007. We took an Alaskan Cruise compliments of Jan! Check out the fun here. We also took a trip to the cabin on Lake Superior by way of Uncle Rodgers farm. While traveling in the motor home we saw many sites along the way. See them all here.


Chelsea has competed in the several competitions here in the Northwest including the Northwest Regionals. She how she did on the happenings page. David has been very busy playing both soccer and baseball while ice skating for fun. My business performed well enough to enable me to quit my job of 15 years.


On November 18th, Chelsea's 2nd grade class put on a play entitled The Little Red Hen. The whole school was there to see it. the kids did a great job. We were all very proud of them.


On a very sad note, we lost one of our relatives recently. Pat Wagenman passed away on October 29th, 2005. She was a very talented artist and a free spirit, as well as a loving mother of two. She will be greatly missed. View some of Pat's work here.


The first week in November, we took a weekend trip down to Lincoln City Beach to spend some time with Mom and Dad and Nicky. The reason for this trip, aside from wanting to see them, was to pick up their motorhome which they so gracefully decided to let us have. Yes have. How do we possibly thank you!!


Tuesday evenings are reserved for ice skating as Chelsea seems to have picked up on Grandma Jan's natural skating ability.


The kids started back to school in September. This is David's first year in elementary school. He and Chelsea will finally be in school together.


The first weekend of August 2005 saw Teresa biking 85 miles in two days with Angie and Courtney to benefit ALS. Congratulations to them for finishing and thanks to all you contributed.


In July 2005 we took a short vacation to see the family in Crescent City. We also stopped off to see Dennis and Sue Snook in Junction City, Oregon. We had a great time. Thanks everyone for putting up with us.


2004 has come and gone. It brought some good times and some very hard times for some.  We said good-bye to both Ken Wilkings and JoAnne Syrstad this year. Our hearts go out to those closest to them. They will be missed so much!

Christmas 2004
is in the books. See all of the seasons fun on the Holiday page. We had a great little Thanksgiving get together with both sides of the family in Lincoln city, Oregon. Also view the Halloween events on both the School Fun and Holiday pages.


Our summer vacation for 2004 involved a trip to Disneyland, LegoLand and SeaWorld.  Everyone had a wonderful time. Chelsea got to swim with the dolphins. The kids were in heaven! We can't thank Jan enough for all she did for us. What a great trip!

Many thanks also to Mom and Dad for making it up to Seattle for Tim's graduation. It was so exciting having them here! Thanks again for everything! Much Love from all of us!



Hi everyone. I am now 7 years old and I am now in the 2nd grade.  My class just put on a play called The Little Red Hen in which I played a dog.  I am now  ice skating every week with Grandma.  David and I take swimming lessons every week too.  I can swim the length of the pool now, and underwater too!    Bye, Love You!


I am 5 years old now and am finally in kindergarten. So now I go to the same school as my Sissy. We get along great and do everything together. I am taking karate lessons now.  I love to play with my Choo Choo's and my race cars!  Don't forget to check out my pictures, and Sissy's too. Bye - Bye.

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