Thanksgiving 2004

Pictures from our trip to Lincoln City featuring the Syrstads, the Snooks and the Smiths (in no particular order).

As always, click on any picture for a better view.

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On the Beach

Morning Greeting

Nicky's Smile

David after 2 minutes

Chelsea's loving it.


Hurry Kaelinn


Having a Ball

Our Beautiful Children

Nicky's getting cold

These two are very cold!!

The Portraits

Ken and Jeff

Ken and Dad

Ken, Me and Dad

Mom, me, Dad & Chelsea!

Cousin Jeff & I

Evening Light

Together again

Mom, Dad, Sis & Ken

The Snooks

Rod & Gina

Rod & Jan (Mom)

Jan & Gina

Walk on the Beach

Rod & Gina

In the house

Playing Uno

Teaming up on the boys

We'll get em

Hi Jeff

That's my boy

Handsome Father

Auntie S & Nephew David


Mother & Grandaughter

Great Auntie Carol

The Family

All of us together

....Goofy Family

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's to us

Can we have dessert now?

All the Great Moms

Time to say Good-bye

Stormy Coast

Look out below

Father and Daughter

True Love


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