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Teresa on the Christmas Cruise 2002 
Tim on Alki Beach - May 2003
Chelsea and David and Cousin Nicky - Jan 2003
Chelsea at Lincoln City Beach - Jan 2003
David on swingset - Winter 2003
Thanksgiving 2005For Thanksgiving Day 2005, we hopped in the minivan and headed to Rodney's house for a day of feasting. The food was great as was the company. It was a very good day! May we all have many more just like it! See the family here.
Halloween 2005Halloween 2005 is in the books. The pouring rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the children, who once again loaded up on assorted treats. As usual, we went down to the local pumpkin farm and picked up a dozen or so assorted pumpkins. The kids (and us too) look forward to finding our way through the corn mazes. See the fun here. Also visit the kids on Book Character Day at school.
Christmas 2004 Syrstad Family portraitChristmas 2004 has come and gone. We are so thankful for what we have. There are so many that have not. Inside you will find Rod's family and ours cutting down the Christmas trees, spending our pre-Christmas with Russ and Vicki, and finally Christmas Day at our house with Jim, Jan, Rod, Gina, Kaelinn and Adam. We wish the rest of the family could have been here. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year! Check out our snow man as well.
Syrstads, Snooks & Smiths, thanksgiving 2004For Thanksgiving 2004, the families got together in Lincoln City, Oregon to give thanks for all we have and to enjoy each others company. With us were most of the Syrstad, Snook and Smith Families. From left to right: Carol, Dad, Nicky, Mom, David, Adam, Kaelinn, Jan, Chelsea, Jeff, Me, Teresa, Ken, Gina and Rod. Thanks everyone for coming!
Pumkin Farm 2004Happy Halloween 2004 all! We recently visited the pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins and run through the corn maze. Then it's off to trick or treat. See Spiderman and Spiderella here.

Also view Chelsea's 1st grade class Halloween Party here.
David, Chelsea, and Cousin Nicky Easter 2004 is here. Thank you Susie for bringing cousin Nicky and yourself. It was a good time and the kids loved seeing him again!! Thank you cousin Cheryl for joining us for all the fun!! And of course there was Easter day itself with Kaelin and Adam. Check out Easter 2004.
We hope you and your family had a Very Merry Christmas 2003!  I've posted some of the first pictures including us cutting down our own tree, the annual cookie baking, and the trip to Enchanted Village to visit Santa. Christmas Eve pictures from Russ and Vicki's are up and so is Christmas Day with the family. Much Love from all of us!
The kids at the pumpkin patch. Check out the pictures of our annual October trip to Remlinger Farms. For Halloween 2003 we went to a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  The kids helped carve, and even decorated their own. Halloween Day finally arrived.  The kids start out at school and then it's over to Kaelin and Adam's house for Trick or Treating fun. Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! 
We spent Independence Day 2003 the traditional way.  We started out at Russ and Vicki's for fun and BBQ, and then off to Jan's Lake Union condo for the spectacular fireworks show. Great Grandma Jeanne was in attendance this year!  Check out the fun here.
Easter 2003 pics

We had two Easter celebrations in 2003, one in Seattle with Cousin Nicky and Aunt Suzi here for the weekend, and one in Puyallup with Kaelin, Adam, Rod, Gina & Grandma Jan. Some of these shots are priceless! See all the Easter fun here.

Chelsea & David on Lincoln City Beach - Jan 2002
For the Christmas season of 2002, we spent some time aboard the Christmas Cruise Boat, traveled down the Oregon coast, and spent a few days with Grammy, Grandpa, Cousin Nicky & Aunt Suzi in Crescent City.  

We came up with some of our best photos during this time. 


I can climb this easy, Daddy Mother's Day 2003 Check out our catapillar house
My Daddy at Christmas 2002  Chelsea with Grandma Jan - Christmas 2002 Elliot Bay on Mother's Day 2003 Chelsea with Grandma - Summer 2002 Chelsea's 1st pony ride - Zoo Spring 2002
Mommy at Christmas time 2002  Nicky riding Sugar at Christmas 2002 Proud Daddy watching David ride Sugar At Lincoln Beach - Spring 2002 Dancing in Lake Chelan - Summer 2001

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