Vacation 2004

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Mickey and crew

Minney and the girls

Goofey with the girls

Portrait at Ariel's Grotto

Chelsea's fantasy

Belle with Chelsea

belle with Kaelin

Woody and Jesse

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Snow White with the girls

Chelsea's in heaven

My Princess

Silly Daddy says David

Goofy kids and the Mattahorn

Cinderella with Chelsea

Buzz Lightyear and the kids

Contemplating his next move

Wendy and the girls

Toon Town Portrait

Peter Pan and all

California Adventure

Greatings from...


Paradise Pier

California Screamin'

Teresa cruisin' with Kaelin

Mushu and David

Mulan and the girls

Ariel and all

Zoey playing with Chelsea's hair

The California Bear

Teresa's backside

Faster, faster

Me and the girls

Hollywood Tower Hotel

Electrical Light Parade

Snow White

Seven Dwarves

Mickey and the crew


Ciderella's stagecoach

Here's Cindrella

Clock strikes midnight

An American Celebration

American Eagle

Disney on Parade

Mickey and friends

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White


Lion King


Pooh and friends

Jungle Cruise


Big daddy

Laughing elephant

Please don't squirt us

Zebras and giraffes

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