Vacation 2007

Yellowstone National Park

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Entering Misery Bay

Home Sweet Home

Lake Superior

All of Us

My Beautiful Mother

Uncle Kenny

My beautiful mother 2

The cabin

The addition

Get a room!

Main living area

The boys

The kids

King of the hill

kissing cousins?

Soccer anyone

just the boys

Father and son

Stop making me laugh

We made it

Let's empty this thing

Hiding from the crazy kids this one

... and this one

Don't worry, I've got it.

Let's catch a wave.

Who's that out there?

Some quiet time

Let's go gang

Evening ride

I tore it up out there!

Who's got a towel?

Sunset on the lake

Too Cute!

Just had to get away

Salmon anyone?

This is livin'!

I'm one lucky dad

... yes I am

One of my favorites!

Where'd she go?

Need some help?

Girls hangin' out

My castle

Bye Grammie and Grampa

Row AWAY from shore.

Hold on for your life

with Ronna

with Carly

Toivola firemans picnic

One funny gal

Ronna's house...

that Uncle Kenny built

Incredible place

The shoe tree