Welcome to Aladdin Realty

I have created the basic layout for the site. All functions, rollovers, pop-ups, etc. are functional. The only links not supported yet are the ones assigned to local links on the local links page itself. There are about 40 pages to the site, all of which are formatted (most of which include very little content at this point.) That, of course, will be the easy part. The forms (buyer and seller) are complete, as are all map pages and links.

The pictures that you see used as the headers to every page (as well as for the rollover navigation buttons) were all taken in and around Crescent City, California by me using an Olympus C-5050 digital camera. I tried locationg other pictures from the internet, but couldn't find many worth using. I thereffore decided to use my own exclusively.

I have chosen to use the logo above throughout the site. You'll notice that when you place your mouse over the logo at top left of any page, the lamp will appear slightly different and if clicked, will lead directly back to the Home Page (here).

As you place your mouse over the navigation buttons above, I have created drop-down menus to help facilitate navigating the forty or so pages in the site. There are four designs for each button.

Please page special attention to the "For Buyers" and "For Sellers" buttons. In the drop-down list there is a buyers form page I'd like you to see. When I wrote that form I thought I covered most bases. Please let me know otherwise.

Also note that you can access all pages including a small pop up "contact us" page from the bottom of each page as well.

In each page that includes test exclusively in the main cell, I have included a mostly transparent background of a home and car. I think it adds a liitle dimension to those particular pages.

Please call NOW if you want to see any changes to the overall design.



Lowell (Sonny) Syrstad
Owner / Broker



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